Meet the talented creators of our Sports Stadia Art

D J Rogers

The artist D J Rogers mainly works with illustrative and fine art techniques, these are what we would say are his forte's.

Combining oil painting and ink work with colour pencils, his two main loves, sport and portrait art can be seen vividly through his portfolio of nearly 100 pieces.

Through the early 90's he studied at both amersham college and Portsmouth university, finally gaining an honours degree.

Continuing through the 00's with commissions and ! A 5 year service within the London ambulance service on emergency ambulances. He left to pursue a full time position as an artist which he has continued with ever since.

Achievements to date are as follows, Royal Mail stamps, art featured in UFO magazine international, portrait pieces of both Alan Turing and Churchill, which were featured on the front and back cover of the highly esteemed international quarterly magazine, The Finest Hour.

Since launching Sports Stadia Art his contributions are mainly oil paintings which form some of the images you see today.

His personal favourite stadia art from the collection is Franklins Gardens, Noucamp, Bernabau and Lords.

His biggest regrets are ........every time he dips his paint brush into his coffee cup mistaking it for the cup of turps which sits beside it...... !!!!!!!

We hope you enjoy his work.